‘Brexit will plunge children into poverty!’ Fury as SNP MP clashes with Tory in BBC row

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SNP MP John Nicolson claimed Brexit will “increase” child poverty while arguing with Ben Bradley MP on Wednesday. He insisted that the Tories want to make everyone “poorer”. Speaking on BBC Two’s Politics Live, Mr Nicolson said: “The Conservatives are absolutely obsessed with the constitution.

“Obsessed with Brexit which is going to increase poverty, increase child poverty. You’re obsessed with Scottish independence.

“Every election leaflet I got from my Conservative opponent in the course of the last election was obsessively focused on independence.

“The more you drone on about independence the more support for independence rises.

“On the issue of the Scottish child payment, £10 per child, that we’ve introduced per week.

“The poverty alliance described that as a game-changer for poverty in Scotland while you guys are doing everything you can to make folks throughout these islands poorer.

“The Scottish government has been tackling poverty for over a decade, that’s why you’re on 18 percent in the polls in Scotland and the SNP is on 58 percent.

“That’s why you’ve only got six MPs in all of Scotland and haven’t won an election in Scotland since the 1950s.

“I think a bit of humility would do well from the Tories. I think you should go away and consider why you do so badly in Scotland at every single election.”

Mr Bradley replied: “The SNP have presided over a pretty poor record if you look at those figures in terms of life expectancy, in terms of educational standards; it is a huge challenge.

“The point to me in this conversation is let’s try and fix it instead of trying to play a blame game.

“Let’s work together.

“How can we get around a table and sort that out for the whole of the UK if the Government’s big priority is levelling-up the whole of the UK? I hope they will get on board with that.”


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His comments come as a new poll by Survation has suggested Scots support holding a second referendum if pro-independence MSPs win a majority at Holyrood by a margin of almost two to one.

Pollsters asked if more than half the MSPs came from independence-supporting parties – such as the SNP and the Scottish Greens – if this would constitute a mandate for another referendum to be held.

Almost half of people (49 percent) were of the view that this would be the case – with 27 percent saying they agreed strongly with this and another 22 percent saying they would “somewhat agree”.

Just over a quarter (27 percent) were opposed to this, even if Holyrood returns a majority of pro-independence MSPs in the May election – with 17 percent of those questioned strongly disagreeing with a second referendum in such circumstances, while 10 percent said they disagreed “somewhat”.

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