Anna Soubry blasted as ‘disgraceful has-been’ as she campaigns for Labour

Anna Soubry says Conservative party ‘has been hijacked’

Top Remoaner and former MP Anna Soubry has been slammed after she started campaigning for Labour in the crunch Mid-Bedfordshire by-election.

A week ago, Ms Soubry – a former minister in David Cameron’s Government – revealed she will be voting Labour at the next election and described Sir Keir Starmer as having the “values and competence to deliver the change our country desperately needs”.

Ms Soubry quit the Tories in 2019, in protest over the party’s desire to enact the will of the British people and their vote for Brexit.

She later led the Change UK party, which after a lot of media hype and temporarily successful polling figures, failed to get a single MEP or MP elected.

The Express has now seen evidence that letters going in out Ms Soubry’s name are being posted in Mid Bedfordshire, where a crunch by-election will take place on Thursday.

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Ms Soubry’s letter said she’s “had enough of the decline of our country. A decline in living standards; in values, in hope”.

It said: “While the Conservative Party has departed from our values, Labour has embraced them.”

She argued Labour’s candidate was a “strong, honest and local candidate” who “puts decency and integrity at the heart of everything”.

A senior Tory source has now blasted the former Tory MP, saying she “hasn’t been a Conservative for a very long time and probably never really was”.

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They described her attempts to overturn the Brexit referendum as “disgraceful” and said Sir Keir Starmer’s Remainer party is, therefore, a perfect fit for her.

The source said: “Her disgraceful attempts to overturn the Brexit referendum after being elected on a manifesto promising to respect it tells you everything you need to know about this shouty has-been.

“She will be well at home in Sir Keir’s party given her past dishonesty and Euro fanaticism.”

It was also noted that the letter fails to mention Rishi Sunak by name, suggesting the Labour Party doesn’t believe the Prime Minister is a vote-loser on the doorstep.

Voters will head to the polls on Thursday to decide on a replacement MP for Nadine Dorries, who resigned in August.

The vote is happening concurrently with a second by-election in Tamworth, where Chris Pincher stepped down after an investigation into his groping allegations.

The Tories have been warned by top polling guru Sir John Curtice that they must hold at least one of the two seats in order to keep the flame of hope alive for the next General Election.

Labour’s Alistair Strathern must overcome Ms Dorries’s 24,664 majority in order to win the seat.

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