Watch What Happened When This Average Guy Trained Like an Olympic Sprinter for 30 Days

Brandon Jones, one half of the Goal Guys on YouTube, recently came to the end of some of his ongoing physical challenges, including leaning down and getting ripped in 100 days, learning to master the notoriously difficult ring muscleup. In his latest video, he takes on a shorter term, but no less taxing challenge: training like an Olympic athlete for 30 days, with the specific goal of improving his time in the 100m sprint.

On Day 1, Jones’ time in the 100m is 15:30. He starts off by getting some feedback from track athlete Ryan Cheng on how he can immediately improve his time by adjusting his starting stance. “You want to start off with your stance quite close together,” says Cheng. “I can tell your back leg is really far behind, and that just wouldn’t allow you to really push off for the first step. It’s like an airplane. You start low, then you slowly come up and then you take off.”

“You want to have quality reps, you don’t really want to fatigue your muscles,” he continues. “Fast twitch muscle fibers are quicker to fatigue, so you don’t want to train slow. You want to be doing lower volume, but higher quality.”

Using this guidance, Jones programs a workout plan consisting of two to three sprint days per week, along with two plyometric workouts focusing on explosive strength, and one to two lower-body training sessions. He also trains with Cheng, who adds some active stretches to his warmup routine, advising that a combination of mobility and stiffness is the key to explosive power in a sprint.

On the final day of the challenge, despite feeling extremely tired and sore, Jones takes on the 100m sprint again to see if the 30 days of training have had any effect on his speed. He manages to shave nearly 2 seconds off his time, finishing the 100m in 13:75.

“I was hoping to land somewhere in the 14 second range,” he says. “To actually be below 14 seconds, that’s really cool, I’m really happy about that.”

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