Tocilizumab: drug for Corona-patients failed to have an effect

A actually against Arthritis targeted drug of the Swiss Pharma group Roche misses with Corona patients the desired effect.

That would have shown the so-called clinical Phase III studies, the company said on Wednesday in Basel.

The active ingredient Tocilizumab has been used in patients infected with the Coronavirus and severe pneumonia had.

It had improved but neither the condition of the patients, yet the mortality rate had decreased, it said.

Roche will continue to investigate whether this active substance is to bring in combination with an anti viral drug better results, the company said.

Medicines are according to studies in the laboratory and to selected volunteers in the 3. Phase a number of different patients tested in order to examine the efficacy and safety and potential interactions with other medications determine.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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