Sitting is the new Smoking: Sitting increases the probability to die of cancer

On the way to work, in the car, then in the office and in the evening in front of the TV – a lot of people sit too much and move far too little.

It has long been known that the influence of this habit of negative health – back pain, and Obesity, are however, since only the lesser of two Evils.

Lower chances of Survival by Sitting

A recent study by the cancer center of the University of Texas shows that long seat only increases the risk of cancer, but also the chance of Survival for this disease reduces.

For the study, which appeared in the journal ‘JAMA Oncology’, the scientists investigated Susan Gilchrist over four years, around 8,000 persons.

During the study period between 2009 and 2013 was determined using a Motion sensor, how long the subjects were moving every day or how long they were sitting.

The study participants had at the beginning of the research, all the 45. Year already passed, were not ill to this time, however, to cancer.

Mortality risk increases by 82 percent

Five years after the end of the movement recording the data of the research were evaluated with clear results.

The subjects had during the five years most of the sat, had an 82 percent höherers risk to die of cancer, than the people, the more movement in your daily routine built-in.

“This is the first study showing a close connection between too little movement and the danger to die of cancer, definitely,” explains study leader Gilchrist.

The results were independent of age, gender and General state of health.

For the health of every move counts

Who sits by his activities a lot, do not need now despair, however. The data also show that even short breaks from Sitting can have a positive effect on health.

It is not even mandatory to sweat-inducing Workouts – easy Go-units should be sufficient, according to Gilchrist already.

“Our study shows that light activity is beneficial to the survival chances of cancer,“ she explains.

Who sit daily replaced 30 minutes moderate intensity such as Cycling, reduce the risk of a cancer death by 31 percent. Comfortable walking sink percent, the risk is already around 8.

Gilchrist recommends: Per hour, the just Sit for about five minutes. No matter whether you stroll a bit through the area, or just the stairs instead of the Elevator, used – every move counts.

Daily for at least 30 minutes to move

“Our results confirm that it is important to sit less and move more,” says Gilchrist.

“30 minutes to incorporate exercise into the daily routine, can help to reduce the risk of death from cancer.”

In their next studies, the scientists want to examine how lack of exercise affects each of these types of cancer, and whether the sex and the parentage of the Person plays a role.


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Cornelia Bertram

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