Curevac vaccine: a rush of volunteers for Corona vaccine trial in Tübingen

Around 4,000 Volunteers have reported in the tübingen University hospital as subjects for a Corona vaccine trial.

“We are in a luxury situation, as in any clinical study. Otherwise we will have to struggle to find volunteers,” said study leader Peter Kremsner of the German press Agency.

At the University hospital in mid-June had begun a clinical trial to test the vaccine of the tübingen-based biopharmaceutical company Curevac on its compatibility.

Since then, around 50 people have received the funds. According to the Kremsner, no surprising side effects are encountered.

“So far, everything in the green area,” he said. There is neither sensational nor shocking findings.

The numerous volunteers not all come to the train. A total of 168 subjects will be vaccinated – in addition to Tübingen in test centres in the Belgian city of Ghent, Hanover and Munich.

In the clinical study, there is a so-called Phase 1 study. It runs successfully, follow investigations with significantly more subjects.

Coronavirus: hopes rest on mRNA vaccines

The tübingen-based company Curevac is working on so-called mRNA-vaccines. mRNA is a type of messenger molecule, in which the Instructions for the production of proteins is.

For your vaccine Curevac have provided researchers mRNA with the Instruction for a Protein of the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.

The human cells after vaccination of this Protein, which the body recognizes as foreign. He, however, makes antibodies and other immune cells.

Curevac received after the Mainz company Biontech as a second German company, the approval for a clinical study of the possible Corona vaccine.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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