Cool Down in five minutes: 6 stretching exercises to the Workout to complete the relaxed

If the last welding are completed driving minutes of a workout, many people want to go so fast under the shower to jump.

For a short Cool-Down time is often lacking.

It is extremely important to the body after the Workout is slowly shutting down and stretch properly – unpleasant injuries can often easily be avoided.

“A Cool Down also allows for a gradual restoration of normal heart rate and blood pressure, especially after an intense Cardio unit,” explains Fitness Influencerin MadFit in an Instagram Post.

This is, fittingly, a five-minute Cool-Down instructions, the easy can be completed after each training session.

Anyone who has pressed so far, always before Stretching, you should try, so be sure to participate in these Exercises and the body in this way, the Regeneration support.

If you have any of the Exercises for 50 seconds, the point is to support you in your health and get a total duration of only five minutes – the should be in there, or?

If you have more time, you can the movement also, of course, no longer attend – just listen to your body and do what’s good for you.

1. Breath Up and Down

This first sequence of Movement stretches the whole body and at the same time helps to regulate the breathing after the intense Training.

  • Position yourself with your legs straight in a wide stance. Stretch the arms up over the sides to the top until you are folded over your head. Open your chest upwards, and put your head in the nape of the neck.
  • Open your arms again and bend the torso forward in the direction of the floor. You can go a little in the knee.
  • Tracts in this pre-bent posture your arms again before you get back and upward stretch.

In order for this Exercise to be fully effective, a it is recommended the breathing to the movements to Breathe, if you cut you up and breathe, then Prevent again.

2. Centre and Side Stretch

It comes to the articulation, the rear side of the legs for many a weak point. No wonder, after all you only get with regular stretching exercises flexibility in these strands. So it’s high time to start this:

  • On the legs again wide – like a little bit more than before and bend your torso as far forward and down, as it allows your body.
  • Bring a little more Stretch in the whole matter, by moving your head gently back and forth, and your entire torso to the right and then the left leg move.

The legs should be stretched the entire time, as straight as possible to stretch the body as much as possible.

3. Hamstring Stretch

And so you get more mobility in your legs, the next Exercise targeting the Hamstring.

  • Go for it again in the depth of the preventive – but this Time with legs closed. Try to meet with your palms on the floor instead of touching it with the fingers.
  • Do then length in your legs, by solving alternately completely through the press and back a little.

If you don’t come from the beginning, with the hands on the floor, no Problem. Dehne you simply regular, and you’ll notice how are you gonna do with the time progress.

4. Neck Rolls

The next Exercise stretches not only the neck and the neck, it also helps to relax you.

  • Output position is the upright Stand. Let your arms hang loosely by your sides and perform the Neck Rolls by, you can have your head controlled circles.

Try the movement slowly and smoothly to full draw. Pay particular attention to the strain in the muscle strands – it’s good, isn’t it?

5. Arm Stretch

Even if the arms were not, for example, claimed during the Cardio-Training, should this be after the Workout still stretched. The easiest way is with this Arm Stretch:

  • Stand again upright and stretch your right Arm in front of your chest to the other side. Take the left Arm to help stretch him a little further.
  • Flexion in this Position your head to the right and to the left to your shoulders, to create length in the neck.

After a few seconds, you can stretch the left Arm this way.

6. Quad Stretch

As before, stretched out to the rear side of the Both, is now the front of the number.

  • To place yourself on your right leg and curl the left leg behind you so your foot is to your Butt. Take your left Hand and pull the feet close to your body.
  • Make sure to stay in this Position as straight as possible and create a nice stretch in the bent leg.

Tip: If you are finding it difficult to maintain the necessary Balance, you can use the free Hand to either a subject to capture, or you with the eyes of a point for Fixing to pick – then it works with the balance as of alone.

Cornelia Bertram

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