Citigroup, JPMorgan report New York cases of coronavirus

(Reuters) – New York-based banks Citigroup Inc (C.N) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) both reported on Friday that they have employees who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Citi said that one employee was confirmed to have the virus, and JPMorgan confirmed that two of its employees do.

The announcements followed similar news from banks such as Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N), Morgan Stanley (MS.N) and others, as the flu-like virus continues to spread in the United States and worldwide.

JPMorgan spokesman Brian Marchiony said two employees at the bank’s midtown Manhattan headquarters have the virus and have been at home receiving treatment since earlier this week.

“They are both doing well at this time,” Marchiony said by email. The bank has asked employees who came into close contact with the individuals to work from home for two weeks.

Citi said its employee who has tested positive for the virus was last in the office on March 6 and was diagnosed Friday while on personal travel to Singapore. The Citi employee did not exhibit any symptoms while he was in the office and did not visit any Citi facilities while traveling, the bank said.

Citi has given employees who worked on the same floor as that colleague the option to work from home.

Both banks have already taken measures to limit the spread of the virus, including splitting its North American workforce, imposing business travel restrictions, limiting large meetings and, at Citi, putting up reminders to practice social distancing.

Both banks said they are rigorously cleaning all office spaces regularly. JPMorgan Chase said it is deep cleaning both employees’ work spaces in addition to the normal cleaning measures.

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