Ziggy Chen to Debut Exhibition ‘Chaos’ in Shanghai

LONDON — One more thing for Shanghai Fashion Week guests to add to their calendar: Chinese fashion designer Ziggy Chen will launch his first exhibition, titled “Chaos,” in the fashion store Depository on Friday.

Running until April 25, the exhibition will showcase original copies of each season’s prints spanning various mythological themes and Chen’s textile-rich pieces from the past five years. Viewers will be able to touch the collections and see the source of inspiration that generated them in the form of installations, films and prints.

“I want the audience to understand the way I think about pattern creations, the way I print and dye them and the way we apply them to our clothes,” Chen said.

He added that the fall 2017 collection, which was based on a fairy tale and mythological atmosphere called “Chaotornado,” in which climatic elements such as tornadoes, clouds and fog are mythical beings, was a turning point for the brand in terms of design.

Exhibition posters made with print details from Ziggy Chen’s previous collections. Courtesy

“I changed my brand from almost no patterns to having one themed print throughout every collection, and I started to experiment with new color palettes, fabric development, and the way patterns are drawn and made,” he added.

A limited run of the posters printed on canvas, a crossbody bag and a tote bag will also be available for the visitors to purchase as souvenirs.


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