Uniforme Paris Men’s Fall 2021

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Hugues Fauchard’s and Rémi Bats’ considerate approach to production and consumption was writ large in their fall collection, even without the worlds “Slow Down” emblazoned in white on a black cape.

Congruent with their aim to create a wardrobe that would weather the passage of time and trends, the pair offered tweaked versions of men’s wear separates and outerwear cut from durable natural fabrics like untreated loden-style wool and thick corduroy in neutral colors. Detachable armbands and collars, A-line sweaters in thick-gauge knits and varsity jackets with curved sleeves refreshed their Ivy League collegiate inspiration, while a handful of botanical prints nodded to the work of prairie ecologist John Ernest Weaver. A rugged-looking derby was developed in collaboration with luxury shoemaker J.M. Weston.

Uniforme Paris is the kind of brand that catches the eye on a retail rack, and engenders customer loyalty. But in digital format, the subtle work its designers have put into each piece risks being overlooked.

Uniforme Men's Fall 2021

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