Elie Saab Le Parfum Turns 10, Supports UNICEF Lebanon Cause

PERFUME WITH A CAUSE: Elie Saab’s first fragrance, Le Parfum, fetes its 10th anniversary this year. And to help mark the occasion, the Lebanese designer is supporting a charitable cause close to his heart.

Le Parfum, launched in 2011, gleaned inspiration from one of Saab’s memories from childhood: the scent of flowers from his family’s Mediterranean garden.

“My childhood home was surrounded by orange blossom, and when the wind blew, even slightly, it carried with it the essence of its notes,” said Saab in a statement.

“What I found fascinating working for Elie Saab was the idea of interpreting light. I did not have any specific images in mind, just sensations: the whiteness of the sun at its zenith, radiant femininity, a modern interpretation of voluptuousness,” said master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.

Saab wishes to pay homage to the main inspiration for Le Parfum: his hometown of Beirut. So a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the fragrance will be donated this year to a UNICEF program called “Integrated education and well-being for vulnerable girls in Lebanon.”

Many children in Lebanon are facing a dire situation due to a confluence of factors, including the coronavirus pandemic, the Beirut port explosions and the difficult economic landscape.

“I admire UNICEF’s mission in supporting the most vulnerable clusters and providing a solid platform to the youth,” said Saab. “During these difficult times and in this competitive world, we should raise resilient children to be prepared for a brighter future.

“By giving them the time and opportunities they need, teaching them the right skills and empowering them, they will cultivate good qualities and secure better lives,” he continued. “Sometimes, a rough childhood can mold children into leaders with big inspirational life lessons.”

Model Cindy Bruna features in the Elie Saab Le Parfum advertisement. The designer’s fragrance business is licensed to Shiseido.

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