Z223 Mercedes-Maybach S580e plug-in hybrid now in Thailand, CKD PHEV is RM1.1m cheaper than V8 S580 – paultan.org

The Mercedes-Maybach S580e plug-in hybrid is now on sale in Thailand, where it costs 9,880,000 baht (RM1.3 million). That means the PHEV Z223 is almost half the price of the pure ICE-powered Mercedes-Maybach S580, which entered the Thai market in August last year with an 18,300,000 baht (RM2.41 million) price tag.

The huge difference in RRP is due to the new Maybach S580e being both a plug-in hybrid and a CKD locally assembled model. The S580 debuted as a CBU import. In Malaysia, the Maybach S580 was launched in March 2022 for RM1,928,816, with the Covid-era 50% SST rebate. Our “regular” non-Maybach W223 Mercedes-Benz S580e is priced at RM708,888.

The Mercedes-Maybach S580e’s plug-in hybrid system pairs an M256 3.0 litre inline-six petrol engine making 367 hp/500 Nm to a 150 hp/440 Nm electric motor sandwiched between the engine and 9G-Tronic gearbox. Combined, the system’s total output is 510 PS and 750 Nm, good enough for 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds. Top speed is capped at 250 km/h.

It’s the same PHEV combo found in the W223 S580e, which is capable of an all-electric range of 100 km on the WLTP cycle. This impressive figure is thanks to a lithium-ion battery that has more than doubled in capacity to 28.6 kWh. Our market’s W223 S580e doesn’t get the optional CCS charging port, but it’s available on the Maybach, which means DC fast charging up to 60 kW is possible.

What makes the Maybach a Maybach? For one, the 5,469 mm limo is 180 mm longer than even the LWB S-Class, and all of that length goes into the 3,396 mm wheelbase, which benefits the tycoon at the back. Width is identical with the W223 at 1,921 mm, although the Maybach’s height has been raised slightly to 1,510 mm.

Under the skin, the Z223 Maybach rides on Airmatic air suspension fitted with E-Active Body Control 48-volt active roll stabilisation, using the stereo cameras to scan the road ahead. The car also comes with rear-wheel steering, which can turn the rear wheels up to 4.5 degrees, shortening the turning circle by two metres. A unique Maybach drive mode softens the throttle response, shifts gears at lower revs and starts off in second gear for max comfort.

We’ve detailed all the special Maybach design and equipment points, which you can read here. Fancy a CKD Maybach at RM1 million?

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