UK motorists could face fines up to £3,000 under French driving laws

What changes are being made to the Highway Code?

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British holidaymakers who are planning on driving in France during their holiday should educate themselves on the French driving laws in order to prevent some hefty fines. Driving from the UK to France has long been a favourite for tourists looking to take in gorgeous countryside landscapes while looking to get away.

However, motorists can’t just stick their keys in the ignition and head down the road to France without sufficient preparation.

On top of all the correct travel paperwork and identification, such as a passport, if holidaymakers want to holiday in France by driving their UK car, they need to complete a comprehensive car checklist to make sure they don’t end up in trouble with the law.

With all but a few pandemic travel measures gone, millions of Brits are expected to head abroad in the coming months, hundreds of thousands of which to France.

Here is a list of things that British drivers need to look out for if they plan on taking their car across the Channel on the Eurotunnel or by ferry.


In addition to the driver’s licence, motorists need to have a certificate that proves they have insurance to drive in France and the car’s logbook or V5C document to validate their ownership of the vehicle.

As long as the driver’s UK insurance includes third-party cover, then they should have the necessary protection to legally drive in France.

Failure to be properly insured could land motorists with a €3,750 (£3,000) fine and a suspension of their license.

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Authorities can also take away the car there and then.

Essential equipment:

By law, drivers must bring the following when driving in France:

Reflective vests – one for the driver and one for each passenger

Warning triangle – compulsory in every vehicle with four wheels or more, in case of breakdown

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