Tesla Cybertruck Mistaken For Alien Car In Energy-Filled Social Media Videos

With the Tesla Cybertruck inching closer and closer to its imminent commercial launch expected sometime next month, enthusiasm among the EV community is possibly higher than ever, but not everybody follows the news and is up to date with every leak, sighting, and statement.

Case in point, the two videos embedded below, published on TikTok by the user @radiantluz a couple of days ago, show how some non-followers react when seeing the angular pickup for the first time. More to the point, as one of the video descriptions says, the TikTok user thought the EVs were coming from another planet and said that extraterrestrials had visited Earth.

Both videos are in Spanish, but it’s not hard to pick up (pun intended) on the excitement of those seeing the shiny pickups on the car haulers.

This isn’t the first time Tesla’s upcoming all-electric truck had passers-by baffled by its looks, with the California Highway Patrol Buttonwillow taking to social media for help in identifying the trucks they spotted on car haulers on Interstate 5 about two weeks ago.

It’s not hard to see why the Cybertruck makes many people wonder what it may be, with its unusual shape and unpainted bodywork inspired by science fiction movies and games, as revealed in a rare behind-the-scenes photo posted online in July. It’s certainly different from everything else on the road, for better or worse.

Unveiled in 2019, the four-door zero-emissions pickup will be built at Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory, where pre-production is already underway with help from multiple Giga Presses shipped from Italy.

In a previous impromptu sighting, it was revealed that the Cybetruck has an interior ambient lighting setup that runs from the dashboard to the front door cards and continues to the rear doors.

Performance specs are still under wraps, but it’s expected that the angular truck will feature rear-wheel steering, air suspension, a minimalistic interior, and the company’s latest Hardware 4 driving assistance computer that’s more powerful than its predecessor.

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Source: @radiantluz (TikTok) via Teslarati

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