Skoda Kushaq owner checks out the SUV’s Monte Carlo edition

It has replaced the Slavia that was earlier on the display in the waiting lounge of this particular Skoda dealership.

BHPian rideon74 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I finally got to see the Monté Carlo edition up close today. Had gone to collect my Kushaq after its first service.

This branch of the dealership usually displays the latest offering from Skoda in the waiting lounge and the Slavia had now made way for the Kushaq Monté Carlo edition.

This particular display piece was in white and when viewed from its side, it wouldn’t catch one’s eye immediately. A walk around is when you’ll notice the blacked-out front grill, etc and decide to take a closer look.

So I did and the exteriors didn’t exactly leave me very impressed. Personally, the images of this edition that I’d seen on the web in the red + black combo weren’t anything to rave about either.

Those alloys… IMHO, I feel the alloys on my Style variant look far more elegant.

A quick peek into the interiors made me want to just get my head out ASAP!

Gawd! All that unnecessary red… ugh! Why, Skoda, Why?!

Perhaps the only element in the interior that I felt looked classy was this one tiny detail:

Whatever else they’ve done to this ‘select’ version makes me wonder how it’ll help sell in more numbers. A missed opportunity, I would say.

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