Skip the Ford Bronco Waiting List, Here’s How to Purchase One Today!

It’s rare that an automaker’s long, drawn-out tease for a hotly anticipated new vehicle, a campaign chock full of promises and a mountain of hype, ends up delivering something universally loved. The social media firing squad is always cocked and ready to decimate new models, and when something like the new Ford Bronco carries an iconic badge that goes back decades, well, such vehicles get it the worst. The sixth-generation Bronco bucks the trend, managing to take the automotive world by storm after a 25-year hiatus. Overwhelmingly lusted after by the masses, so popular is the rugged off-road remake that its demand far exceeds supply (though auto industry supply has seen significant hurdles as of late). So, where does one who didn’t reserve one of the new 4x4s turn for a new Bronco?

Buck The System, Aim Lower

Like most other necessities in life, the new Bronco can be picked up shiny and new from your local Target store, and without the astronomical markups that you’ll likely experience if you’re “lucky” enough to find a dealer with an available Bronco. There is one caveat: The Bronco we’re describing is an exact replica of the real deal, a ride-on toy produced by Kid Trax, an award-winning toy company that produces various ride-on toys as well foot-powered and interactive goodies, play tents, and more. Priced at $399.99 and intended for the 3-7-year-old crowd, the Ford Bronco ride-on toy is available just in time for the glorious Christmas rush.

Modern Convenience

Like its big brother, the Kid Trax Bronco features removable body parts, including its doors and bed cover, and sports Bronco signature daytime running lights. All the amenities inside are included, from a set of sporty seats to an FM radio (for some reason) as well as a plug-in MP3 port for those born after 1935. Interestingly, while an accelerator pedal is pictured, there is no sign of a brake pedal—we guess this mini Ford is set up for those classic parenting pucker moments, or at least the fullest of sends.

The bite-sized Bronco is powered by a rechargeable 12-volt battery and can reach a top speed of 5 mph, though, if you’re a real dad you’re going to investigate that Milwaukee 18-volt conversion kit, right? Kid Trax even throws in a six-month warranty on the rechargeable battery and doubles that timeline for its bumper-to-bumper warranty on the body.

Rubber traction-strip tires help transfer the power to the pavement, though the plastic wheels will still undoubtedly make contact with the pavement in a loud, echoing nature which is always a neighborhood crowd pleaser as you wait for your child’s ride-on toy to crawl up the smallest incline after checking the mail. If you’re like us, you might not have had one of these battery-powered cars taking up a large amount of your parent’s garage space when you were a kid but now you can hook up your offspring with one incredibly detailed mini Ford Bronco. And hey, also, there’s a 130-lb weight limit, so don’t get any ideas—this will not replace a real Bronco.

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