Porsche 911 CSR ‘Snakebite’ | Spotted

Porsche never made a 997 R; if it had, the end result might have been a bit like this

By Matt Bird / Thursday, February 4, 2021 / Loading comments

As the future of motoring inexorably draws nearer, and with it a whole heap more angst for some, so the comfort drawn from the old only increases. It can be seen everywhere, from the values attached to certain classics to the popularity of historic motorsport – and the current fondness for nostalgia hasn't escaped manufacturers either. They'll happily sell you a new car that looks like an old one…

The Porsche 911 Heritage Design Edition is due in the UK very soon, the first in a new line that aims to evoke the past in a contemporary fashion. And which, you would imagine, might prove rather popular. Because however unsettling the future might sound, the present has brought us some useful technological gains; a retro look with heated seats and smartphone integration is quite a nice combination.

But it doesn't come cheap: £136,643 is the Targa's asking price. Plus another £10,000 for the watch. So, what if you want a retro vibe without quite such a prohibitive cost? Well, RPM Technik's 'CSR Retro' range of parts has been on offer since 2015 now, updating and improving the 996 and 997 eras with an obvious nod to the past. It requires a spend, of course, but is rather more attainable than something factory fresh. And you could always buy a completed car…

The CSR-28 is not your average modified 911. This particular 997 is described by RPM as "the ultimate CSR", a Porsche "built to the highest standards with no expense spared in every detail." From the houndstooth upholstery with light gold stitching to the carbon ducktail spoiler, there isn't much on this 911 that's been left standard. As an amalgamation of both past and present, it's a very tricky one to fault.

Once a 2005 Arctic Silver Carrera S, the CSR-28 is now Brewster Green, the same colour as used for the 991 Club Coupe a few years back. It's set off by white gold HRE wheels, with the green and gold colour scheme replicated inside. There are some gorgeous details, too: note the Momo wheels, the 917-style gear knob and the upholstered rear section where the rear seats once were. There's even a matching cool bag! Perfect for lunch on the go.

That's in addition to the sort of tweaks that have made all these CSR 911s so nice – this is no mere paintjob and retrim. The 3.8-litre flat-six has been rebuilt and covered just 2,000 miles since, with upgraded rings and pistons, balanced con rods and ported heads. The CSR exhaust should get the most from all that work. It also has the limited-slip diff that RPM offers, alongside a lightweight clutch and flywheel, KW V3 suspension and a brake upgrade amongst many other changes. The car really should drive as well as it looks.

Clearly an awful lot of time and effort has gone into this build; a huge amount of cash, too, with somewhere in the region of £130,000 being spent to get the car to this point. Or about what that new Heritage Design Edition will cost. With a few thousand miles driven since completion, CSR-28 is now for sale at £83,995. Which, yes, is a lot of money for a 997 – GT3 sort of cash https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10611628, no less. But as the popularity of cars like the Touring have shown, not everyone wants the intensity of a traditional GT3 experience. And it isn't hard to see why a buyer might be drawn to this particular 997, given the promise of both a great driving experience and a unique, heritage-inspired look. And the cool bag, too, of course.


Engine: 3,824cc, flat six
Transmission: 6-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): [email protected],600rpm
Torque (lb ft): [email protected],600rpm
MPG: 25
CO2: 277g/km
First registered: 2005
Recorded mileage: 122,743 (c.10k since rebuild)
Price new: N/A
Yours for: £83,995

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