Petrol and diesel drivers warned of daily charges from new Low Emission Zones

Sadiq Khan refuses to pause ULEZ rollout despite legal challenge

Most major cities in the UK have an emissions-based charging zone in place, with most others preparing to launch one in the coming years.

Drivers are continually being reminded to ensure their petrol and diesel vehicles are safe to drive in these zones before they end up with any unwanted charges for not being compliant.

Recent research suggests that 74 percent of Britons are unsure if their cars will incur charges when driving near a Clean Air Zone, Low Emission Zone or the ULEZ.

Since the expansion of the ULEZ was announced in November 2022, carwow saw a 101 percent increase in drivers selling their non-compliant used cars.

With a number of Clean Air Zones around the country already in place and a number still set to launch, drivers are being reminded of some key pieces of advice to keep in mind.

Don’t underestimate the zones

The London Ultra Low Emission Zone will expand again on August 29, with millions of additional motorists will be impacted.

The vast majority of the land inside the M25 will be covered by the ULEZ, including popular attractions like Chessington World of Adventures, Heathrow Airport and Croydon IKEA.

Before driving anywhere in or around London, drivers should double-check whether their car is compliant and ensure they won’t be charged.

Compliant cars

Petrol cars made since 2006 should be ULEZ-compliant, while the starting price point of these older vehicles should be low for those looking for a compliant drive.

A spokesperson for carwow said: “If you want a car with all the mod-cons and aren’t tied to the idea of car ownership, leasing can also be a good option. 

“The costs are typically lower than other car finance methods, which means you could afford a higher spec car. Deals include road tax for the contract length and a full manufacturer’s warranty.”

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Some zones are stricter than others

While some will view Clean Air Zones as being unfair, only a handful charge a daily fee for private vehicles.

However, the Glasgow Low Emission Zone will become active on June 1, 2023, and will see a ban on non-compliant petrol and diesel cars from the city centre.

Other Scottish cities like Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Dundee have identical schemes launching next year.

Buying a new car

If someone is looking to sell their car, and they live near a Clean Air Zone, Low Emission Zone or the ULEZ, they may get a better price by selling it further away from home.

A carwow spokesperson said: “Those dealers can come from anywhere in the UK and will bid on your vehicle from all over the UK, collecting it from your home for free if you accept their offer.”

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