Need a luxury car for less than Rs. 75 lakhs OTR

Seeing all the rage about reliability all over the internet, can’t figure out if we made the right decision.

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Hi guys,

So we have been looking for a SUV that fits in the 75 Lac bracket (OTR).

Here’s the criteria it should fill:

  • Ride Quality
  • Off-road ability
  • Highway mile munching (Most Important)

Dad booked a Discovery Sport 2021 MHEV Diesel a few days back. Seeing all the rage about reliability all over the internet, can’t figure out if we made the right decision. Heard from current owners that they have made some huge improvements (none of theirs have broken even once). Have JLR really upped their game in terms of reliability, A.S.S etc. now? Or Is it just a “bad image” that remains now?

Here’s what BHPian 07CR had to say on the matter:

BMW X3 seems to be a good choice, and with the right BSI package, even the maintenance could be covered for long duration. Personally, out of the German big three, the BMWs have had a better reputation for reliability.

However, if you don’t travel above 120 km/h frequently and can ignore the badge of the vehicle, the Ford Endeavour satisfies all your criteria perfectly. In terms of reliability, this has stood the test of the time, and seldom reliability issues are reported. You will also be able to have a substantial capital savings.

I would avoid the JLR’s offerings. Though improved, I am still not sure of their long term reliability.

Here’s what BHPian Sheel had to say on the matter:

In these parts, it is difficult for me to recommend a Range Rover to someone. If something apart from regular service would be needed, I am unsure if the dealership / service center would have the required parts if they somehow are able to diagnose the issue which is a herculean task in itself, believe me.

For small issues / irritants their standard reply is – It is like this only.

One of my friend who has a Discovery Sport HSE is completely fed up & this is the list of parts which were changed at a mere ~7,000 kilometers.

But this issue is nothing compared to hiring a flat-bed and sending it to Lucknow / NCR / Calcutta for these issues.

Wherever he goes, he takes a back-up SUV and has saved the flat bed guy’s number in his fast-dial.

I would recommend to speak with a few friends / acquaintances of yours who have SUVs in this segment and get it serviced in Ranchi / Jamshedpur. Listen to them, take test drives, visit their service centers and see as to how things are being handled.

In these covid times, even this is difficult, so please exercise caution and stay safe

Post the novelty of the new car wears off, going somewhere or sending the car on flat-bed to any place for routine service maybe manageable, but what if irritants / issues crop up?

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

With my experience, I can tell you to separate out offroadability & on-road ability in your luxury SUV. For one, you will always be worried about damaging a 3-lakh rupee headlight or a scratch on that shiny expensive paint. Second, I had once taken a Freelander through some basic offroading in Pawna which even a Duster AWD would do (heck, my Jeep could do it in 4×2 mode). Ended up with all kinds of warning lights and a visit to the workshop. Only exception to this rule is something like a Land Cruiser.

No way would I recommend a Land Rover / Range Rover in India. Reliability is one thing, but the awful after-sales and L-O-N-G spare part wait periods are another. Sure, you will come across some satisfied Land Rover / Range Rover owners. Every brand has them. What matters is the % of problematic cars and the fact is, Land Rover / Range Rover have the most problems per 100 cars.

Porsche Macan is one of the best crossovers money can buy today. Damn thing handles like no crossover has a right to. Brilliant and way too much fun. Space is at a premium though.

Would also consider a 6-cylinder BMW X5 (BMW’s engines + gearbox + reliability are the best in the business) or used options like a 6-cylinder GLS / Audi Q7. Some of them are going at really tempting prices under your budget. If you get a certified one and take extended warranty, the risk is zero.

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