Motorcyles vs scooters: Which is more comfortable

I am considering selling my scooter off and looking at buying a used motorcycle.

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Hello All!

As you may or may not know, I currently have an Ather 450 Plus that I use for my daily commute and I have been suffering from back pain, not because of fatigue, that you normally get due to seating position, but due to the suspension being so stiff (and for my height, I sit a little further behind for better control of the scooter) that I feel every single undulation on the road. I had the seat changed, but that hasn’t completely solved the issue. I still am a student and am staying with my parents and am requesting them to maybe sell the Ather and maybe look at a few used motorcycle options.

When I say this, I mean nothing very sporty like a Duke, but more-so on ADV/Cruiser/ Touring oriented motorcycles. I primarily think these motorcycles because of their large tyres, long suspension travel and straight seating positions will be much more comfortable. However my father (the last motorcycle that he rode was a Suzuki Samurai, 16 years ago and hasn’t ridden any motorcycle since) thinks that it will not make a difference. Although I will get my back checked out by a doctor, I know for a fact that my back ache is caused by the bumps and undulations that cause my scooter to send small shocks up my back that finally result in pain.

I would love to get your opinion on the same. Thanks!

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Let me give you my perspective having had a few backpain issues myself in the last 2 decades.

Bikes are definitely more comfortable than scooters. Of course, I don’t know about Ather in particular, but my Tb350 is so much more comfortable than our Activa.

Now, having said that, I get an impression that you are pretty young, may be around 20’s. At that age, any sign of back pain indicates a possible deeper problem. Do get to a doc and if you are anything like I was long back, may be it’s a few simple lifestyle changes to strengthen your back and you should be good to go.

Good luck! Hope you solve the real issue and in the process, a bike may be helpful too. But please do attend to the real issue also. I have been there, and have reasonably in good shape after taking a bunch of steps.

Here’s what BHPian amvj had to say on the matter:

I just moved from TVS Jupiter to Honda CB300R. I used to get pain in my ribs after riding more than just 20-30min in the Jupiter. With the bike, I no longer get the pain in my back or ribs. During the weekend, I did a 3hr ride and it was just fine. I cannot think that much riding in a Scooter.

Contrary to popular belief, upright riding position is not that comfortable when compared to slight sport riding position.

Here’s what BHPian Mafia had to say on the matter:

Most commute bikes are very comfortable and neutral riding stance, similar to a scooter.

The main advantage of a scooter is the ease of riding. In comparison to similarly sized engines bikes, scooters are less efficient and not as quick. Breaking is not comparable either. ABS is AFAIK not even available in a scooter.

Just to clarify, I ride an Access 125 and loving it. Just that the ride quality is harsh.

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