Londoners slam ULEZ expansion as locals concerned ‘prices will go up’

ULEZ: £12.50 daily charge introduced across London

Locals have been left furious at Sadiq Khan’s new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) expansion which was widened to cover Outer London boroughs from today (29 August).

Residents are concerned the new fees would have a “knock-on effect” for everyone while some accepted they would be forced to pay the daily £12.50 charge.

Nigel Farage found the frustrated locals in Cudham, a rural village in Bromley right on the border of Kent.

Speaking to GB News, Ronnie Townsend, a local resident and keen horse rider raised fears people’s hobbies could come under threat.

When asked what her biggest fear over ULEZ was, she said: “I think it’s all the non-compliant vehicles. None of these vehicles are compliant yet some of them there’s nothing wrong with them.

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“The scrappage isn’t going to cover new horseboxes and then it affects our hobbies and everybody else from the equestrian industry.

“Farriers, vets, they are all coming from Kent, Surrey then our prices will go up. So it has a knock-on effect for everybody.”

Motorised horseboxes are being sold online for around £5,000, much higher than Khan’s current scrappage scheme offer.

The Mayor has promised to pay out £2,000 for every Londoner who gets rid of their non-compliant petrol or diesel car.

However, in many cases, this will not cover an adequate replacement or could lead to shortages of much-needed equipment.

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Gemma Brackstone, from Downe Livery Stables has stressed it’s not as simple as just swapping out vital tools.

She commented: “If everyone got rid of their non-compliant horseboxes there aren’t enough transporters to do that.

“There isn’t enough encouragement for people to do that. This is a hard job to do.”

Philip Hatch, another local Bromley resident has accepted he will have to face the charges as he doesn’t want to scrap his Land Rover.

It means he will be liable to pay around £87.50 per week or £375 per month if he uses his vehicle every day.

Hatch commented: “I’m just going to have to spend the £12.50 a day because I don’t want to spend £20,000 to get rid of a perfectly good car.

“So how’s that going to improve air quality? It’s not. It’s just going to put £12.50 in their pockets.”

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