Little-known yet simple petrol tip can save you £406 on fuel costs

Martin Lewis gives advice about saving money on petrol

A clever trick could help you save up to £406 on petrol costs every year. With the cost of living crisis hitting hard, this little-known hack could be a lifesaver for drivers across the UK.

Experts from Hippo Leasing have shared a simple tip that could help British motorists save a whopping £406.24 on fuel costs each year.

They suggest using apps like PetrolPrices to find the best deals within a five-mile radius, which could save drivers as much as £25.39 per tank.

The biggest saving was found in Belfast, where drivers travelled an extra 3.6 miles for cheaper fuel, saving them £14 per tank. Drivers in Newcastle and Coventry could also make significant savings.

Tom Preston from Hippo Leasing said: “Don’t wait for your dashboard light to flash to tell you to fill up. It will cost you on average 35p to drive an extra few miles to a cheaper station in the area.” He added, “This would be worthwhile if the savings on pence per litre are dramatic enough.”

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David James, sales director at Right Fuel Card, shared some tips on how to save petrol. He said: “Using brakes less is a popular fuel-saving technique as it maximises your car’s stored momentum and energy.”

He also added: “This can be done by thinking ahead and taking your foot off the accelerator in advance, to prevent slamming. We do not recommend that you avoid using your brakes completely as this can of course be dangerous.”

For electric vehicle owners, he suggested: “It’s also possible to allow the regenerative braking in an electric vehicle to handle most of the braking for you.”

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