Kia Carens 1.4L petrol MT: Fuel efficiency & other updates at 4000 Km

I managed to get a mileage of 20.8 km/L at highway speeds with the AC on.

BHPian ptaneja recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


The Odometer stands at around 3945, and I have just completed one more highway run from Shogi to NCR – about 380 odd kms via Solan – Zirakpur – Western Peripheral Expressway and to Gurgaon.

  • Loved the mileage on the above trip – drove in between 80 to 90 on National Highway, and then between 90 to 100 in WPE.
  • This time did NOT used cruise control to check my own driving.
  • And I was surprised to see mileage figure when I filled it up on return – 20.8 with AC!

Sample photo of awesome weather up in the hills!

Apart from the trip, witnessed it’s first puncture. TPMS showed me the reading of one tire as 16 – refilled it via portable inflator, and bought it back to 35.

In couple of days, it was again down to 16, so had it checked, and it was a small nail. Drove for about 500mtr, and TPMS gave the correct reading on all tires. I have read a lot of people stating that engine needs to be kept ON while filling up, but I have never done it.

Reading is shown correctly as far as I have checked.

Kia organized its monsoon camp, which included some basic checks, and free washing etc. They did a thorough check, similar to what is done in servicing – but of-course without any consumable change.

And finally, signing off shots !

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