Enthusiast shares pics from his visit to Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart

These pictures portray the beauty, engineering finesse and sheer desirability of these wonderful cars from this iconic marque.

BHPian shankar.balan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have always respected and loved Mercedes-Benz. Most Indians do have a clear affinity with this Marque. Probably because the “Benz” has been the most commonly seen Prestige Marque in India for the last 50-60 years if not more.

We were lucky to visit the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart recently. We had booked our tickets to the museum online a few months earlier and this was very much a big part of our agenda in Germany.

Again, I am not going to wax eloquent and get all teary-eyed and choked up with emotion about my immense heart-filling love for Mercedes Benz cars (especially those from the Vintage and Classic era and the 1950s through the 1990s.) I have never owned a Merc but several of my friends have and do even now. Perhaps one day, I will also buy myself one, preferably a Modern Classic.

Better that I keep quiet and let the pictures portray the beauty and engineering finesse and sheer desirability of these wonderful cars from this iconic marque.

I will try to caption these curated photos as best I can and I hope I do justice. I took all the photos with my iPhone 12 ProMax and used a Tripod at times to steady my hands. (I can tell you I was fair shaking with excitement!)

The iconic entrance to the Mercedes Benz Museum rises up dramatically in this industrial suburb of Stuttgart.

Some of the gorgeous artwork of the iconic badges! Suitably be-dewed with droplets of water from the light drizzle that greeted us that morning.

The early years and some icons.

Some of those gorgeous early roadsters! Imagine wearing those racing suits, goggles, racing helmets (all in white of course) and roaring around the lovely roads of Europe in these brilliant cars! Nowadays one can see a few of these only on the Mille Miglia and perhaps the various Klassiche Motoren Shows around!

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