Elderly drivers should consider four things when buying a car, warns expert

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Elderly drivers have been urged to consider five important factors when choosing a car, according to specialists.

Insurance experts Saga claims cars for elderly drivers are likely to “look and feel different” to models they opted for back in their youth.

Instead, vital factors such as comfort, visibility and safety are more important while modern driving assistance tools could be an important feature. It comes after an apparent surge in the number of senior drivers on the road in recent years.

LeaseLoco warned the nation’s ageing population was starting to take effect with almost six million older motorists.  This means that around 14 percent, or one in seven, UK drivers are above the age of 70.

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Saga said: “Everyone’s different, but for most of us, the type of car we want to drive in our fifties, sixties or seventies is likely to look and feel different to our cherished vehicles of yesteryear.

“Fortunately, automotive technology has advanced over the years, and there are some brilliant cars for older drivers to consider.”


Experts at Saga have claimed motorists suffering from any aches and pains as they get older should choose comfort over extra luxuries.

Many vehicles come with height adjustable seats which can help generate extra back support. Saga suggests the best models for comfort include the Ford Fiesta and Volvo XC60.

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Eyesight checks are not mandatory to renew a licence when drivers reach 70 meaning road users must take it upon themselves to be honest about their visibility. Motorists must be able to see the road at all times and certain vehicles can help with this.

Saga said: “It’s a fact of life that our eyesight tends to deteriorate as we grow older, but there are some fantastic vehicles with features that enhance visibility on the road. If this is a priority for you, look for a car with large windscreens, side windows and raised driving positions.”

Driving Assistance

According to Saga, some of the best cars for older drivers have sophisticated assistance features. These tools can make driving even easier and even help motorists avoid silly mistakes which could lead to accidents.

Many vehicles now come fitted with parking sensors which bleep when drivers are reversing into obstacles. Automatic braking systems, blind spot detection and forward collision warning systems can also help.


Euro NCAP lists the safest family cars which could be ideal for motorists looking to stay protected. The site lists the Mercedes-Benz Citan Tourer as the safest family car built in 2022, while the Tesla Model S, BMW X1 and Cupra Born on the list.

Saga has also suggested the Skoda Fabia and Nissan Qashqai are some of the best vehicles for older motorists concerned most about safety.

Saga added: “Staying safe on the road is a priority for every driver, and if you find yourself driving less frequently in later life, it’s understandable if you’re keen to get a car with top safety credentials.”

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