Drivers can prevent frost and ice from sticking to their car windscreen with new £25 spray

De-icing car windscreen using BIZARRE trick

Drivers can simply apply the new Duxback solution to their car which acts as a protection against the elements. Lasting up to six months for each application, Ducback creates a hydroponic layer over the windscreen which makes frost easier to remove.

The simple solution can also help in wet weather with water beading on the car once it travels at more than 40mph.

The Duxback treatment improves visibility by around 35 percent which could prove vital over the winter months.

The solution is also said to improve reaction distances by around 58 feet when compared to drivers who use ordinary de-icer tools.

Small amounts of ice may remain on the windscreen after treatment but these can be easily removed.

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The solution brings technology built for the aviation industry to the road and will defeat one of the biggest winter headaches for road users.

Halfords says that technicians will professionally apply the Duxback treatment to your windscreen and front sides of your car.

This will ensure those who purchase the solution will be offered a safer and more convenient driving experience.

The treatment should take around one hour to apply but will last for about six months, covering the entire winter period.

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Aaron Edwards, a spokesperson from Halfords Autocentres said drivers should take time to prepare their cars for the harsh winter to keep their windscreens clear.

He said: “Cold weather can play havoc with our cars.

“Our research shows that motorists are taking potentially dangerous short-cuts to keep their windscreens clear.

“Drivers should take the extra time to prepare their cars for winter conditions or visit Halfords Autocentres where a Duxback treatment can keep your windscreens ice-free for up to six months.”

A recent survey has found that 50 percent of road users have used a kettle of hot water to defrost their car windscreen despite major safety risks.

The sudden temperature change could cause your windscreen to crack or shatter leading to expensive repairs.

A massive 35 percent of drivers have admitted to using a bank card to scrape their windscreen clear without releasing this can also damage the glass.

Drivers are urged to use a proper de-ice tool or spray to clear their windscreen or look at other professional treatments.

Frost and ice can cause catastrophic consequences over the winter with windscreens becoming blocked and drivers unable to see vital road hazards.

Driving without clearing the ice from your car can even lead to penalties with drivers likely to be fined £60.

In some cases, road users can be issued higher chargers of up to £2,500 for driving a car in a dangerous condition.

Travelling with frost means road users are unlikely to see vital road hazards and could be putting themselves and other road users at severe risk.

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