Did Bengaluru-Udupi & back in my Nexon EV: Charging experience & costs

When I reached Madikeri and the hotel to charge, the Tata power app service was offline.

BHPian DarthVeda recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Last week, I travelled to Udupi in my Nexon EV Prime, left Bengaluru at 1730 Thursday evening, stopped at Relux charging station at Shantigrama toll, charged till 95% while having early dinner. Left the station at 20:40, and reached our destination with 4% remaining and at 0200. This was an attempt to see if we can do this route with only one stop and the last 40km was done at 45kph as well.

The return journey, we decided to go through Mangaluru -> Sakleshpura -> Hassana -> Bengaluru, had no hassle at charging at Tata Charger near KSRTC bus stop, one can eat at Ideals cafe nearby while this is happening. Due to road work, I couldn’t continue to Hassana and took at detour to Madikeri. When I reached Madikeri and the hotel to charge, the Tata power app service was offline.

Wasted an hour waiting for it to come back, and used an 16A plug to slow charge while we had dinner.

The worst experience was yet to come, I decided to charge at BPCL charger at Kushalanagara, left with 22% from Madikeri and reached the charger with 17%. It took few tries to get the charging gun to lock but it happened.

The BPCL app is the worst that I have come across, the main app, which is around 85MB, opens an web page for you to choose and start charging! what is the point of the app if it opens a webpage.
They also deduce 50rs standard for every charge session and have priced it very high, around 29.5 rs per unit. Given that it is a 25kw charger the rates are atrocious.

Don’t use BPCL unless you have no other means.

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