Can a hybrid car be used as a donor to jump-start another vehicle?

My old Honda Civic’s battery died & I wanted to jump-start it using my Toyota RAV4 as the donor car.

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I am currently in the US. I have 2 cars – a new Toyota RAV4, and an old Honda Civic.

My old car’s battery discharged due to a light staying ON. I have cables to jump-start, but I wasn’t able to find instructions on how to use the hybrid car as a donor car to jump start. (I tried looking online/manuals, but wasn’t able to find clear instructions). Ultimately, I resorted to using a battery pack to jump-start.

Does anyone have experience with this? Any help is appreciated.

With hybrids coming to India, this information could be useful for members.

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I own an Accord Hybrid and recently when I needed to jump-start, I used the jumper cables and used the regular battery under the hood to connect and the car came to life in a second. It was just like any other regular car. Hope that helps.

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Just make sure you connect to the correct poles. Connect + to + on the plus poles of both car batteries first.

Then the minus on the donor car battery. Finally connect the other end to a good earth point on the car with the flat battery. This is to prevent sparks on the battery that could ignite the gasses.

Let the donor car run on a fast idle and start the car.

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Watch this video. @13:50 – I wouldn’t take the risk.

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